Cultivation Courses

AmCan Advanced Cannabis Cultivation

As the Medical Marijuana University rapidly gains acceptance within the framework of individual states, who recently regained their constitutional right to govern themselves in regards to legalization, AmCan University will continue to educate our clients and patients on the proper adherence to the strictest standards of cultivation and possession compliance. AmCan educates students as well as colleagues with the most advanced cultivation methods, while providing hands on expertise in the areas of room and electrical design, contracted build-outs, high yield systems and layouts, exotic strains and genetics, as well as mandatory disease and pest control. Our experienced team of professionals grow the most elite, exotic strains in the world, which provide the highest quality medicines for caregiver's and patient's use. Those same horticulturists make up our team of highly qualified California instructors, who provide our students with all of the latest tricks of the trade.

AmCan Grow Master Certification

Growing high end marijuana is a technically challenging botanical trade with an extremely sensitive plant and photosynthesis process. American Cannabis University's Grow Master Certification course is the most informative curriculum in the industry. Our students will learn the most advanced techniques in the business. AmCan's Grow Master Certification course is designed for those interested in and committed to growing quality medicines for Medical Marijuana patient and caregiver use, while remaining compliant with state and local laws. Completion of the curriculum and testing methods will recognize each student as an AmCan University Certified Grow Master. Validity is vital for our students, patients and caregivers. AmCan Grow Master Certification will give you the tools and techniques needed to talk the talk and walk the walk in this ever-developing medically and therapeutically researched industry.

Pre-Cultivation, An Introduction to Poly-Pharmaceutical Medicine

A history of the genetic background of the related plants as a source of medicine. Including their growth patterns, photo periods, auto-flowerings and poly-pharmaceutical sterol-producing structures.

Cultivation 101 - Pharmacology and Toxicology

The pharmacological actions of THC, CBD and Turpenes and their effect on human tissue and behavior. In depth study of the cellular receptor sites for endocannabinol and their stimulation by plant alkaloids.

Cultivation 215 - Cannabis Nutrients

A scientific investigation and application of various nutrient elements for plant growth to provide nutrient content and insect resistance in cannabis. Chemical formulations, their meaning with regard to volume and dispersal and an emphasis on organic chemistry.

Cultivation 420- Cannabis Genetics

Principals and methods of cross pollination, genotypes, hybridization in large populations and intense focus on the history and development of indica and sativa.