AmCan University is dedicated to providing our students with the most advanced education in cannabis cultivation and the highest level of compliance in each state. Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in America and the nation's top natural cash crop. There are now a significant number of Medical Marijuana states in the U.S. and many more on state ballots each year. Our American Cannabis University team members have the market's most advanced thinkers and teachers, with a combined 200 years of tested knowledge and hands on experience in the field of study. AmCan Industries has consulted and counseled hundreds of Medical Marijuana collectives and business owners in the state of California since Prop 215 and SB 420 in 1996. AmCan University's Board of Medical Marijuana attorneys, botanists, chemists, doctors, educators, farmers, growers, horticulturists and investors are here to provide the most concise and professional data needed to effectively run and manage a successful Medicinal Marijuana business in this rapidly growing American industry. AmCan University provides many outreach services, including legal training for staff members, peer counseling, patient information and diplomatic ways of dealing with the community, law enforcement and media. When patients and caregivers know their rights, they are empowered to protect themselves and the community.


Our mission at American Cannabis Industries and University is to provide the most advanced cultivation and compliance education possible for Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers, as well as inform them of their rights under California's Proposition 215, SB 420 and the California Attorney General's guidelines. AmCan University aims to provide the most informative education available to the general public and constituents of all Medical Marijuana states, their patients, doctors, activists, and policymakers. AmCan is dedicated to being the industry leader and an institution of excellence for academics in the field of Medicinal Marijuana, cannabis and hemp. We're committed to providing the highest level of education, while adhering to the strictest of standards and laws pertaining to the Medical Marijuana and American Cannabis Industries. As the legalization process continues to unfold in the United States, AmCan Industries will continue providing the American public with the most up to date education and information available. Again, when patients and caregivers know their rights, they are empowered to protect themselves and the community.